Thursday, May 03, 2007

Genes 'R' Us

I must be stupid, or something. Here's me under the impression that a “patent” can only be taken out on a “new” invention or discovery. Something “unique”. How is it possible to take out a patent – claim exclusive rights - on something that already exists, has done for thousands of years and is widespread throughout the world.

If it IS possible, might just take out a “patent” on the letter “E”, or the word “and” - collect a fee for every time it is printed.

Was watching a documentary the other night which looked at the fact that – in 2005 - Monsanto applied for the “patent” rights on three gene-sets in PIGS!

If successful, every piglet, in any part of the world – born with at least one, or all, of that particular gene-set (and most, if not all of them, do) – belonged to Monsanto, and required the payment of a fee .. or the threat of hefty litigation.

Have t' be joking, I thought. They can't do that! Could they .. ? Bloody impossible, would be laughed out of any Patent Office .. until the doco went on to point out that the Bushista Mafia have managed to insert crucial and sympathetic personnel into key positions in quite a few Federal Administration Departments – including the U.S. Patent Office.

Welcome to the "New World Order".

(even Huxley and Orwell didn't come up with this one .. heh)

Won't go into detail – just try typing 'monsanto pigs genes' into our old friend Gurgle.

The application was made in 2005. Does anyone know whether they were “successful” or not?

The doco also suggested that feeding of GM corn to cattle long term causes infertility, but really haven't the time to look further into that.

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Link said...

I think you should apply to the US Patent Office to patent the word Davo and for good measure, as you suggested the word AND.

I am considering getting a patent for the word Link.