Saturday, May 05, 2007


Ooooer, Old Horsetail Snake has had a facelift .. so to speak.

Content is still the same, though.


JahTeh said...

I've been watching a show on the ABC called 'Grand Designs' about people who buy some little piece of grot and go wild. Last Thursday's house had Davo written all over it. All timber frame straight from the forest, outside walls timber but inside bales of straw, cut and trimmed then plastered and painted. Windows and beautiful wood shapes everywhere and you would have loved it.

BBC said...

Wilsonville, Oregon is a nice area, and not that far from me. His blog is amusing and entertaining if a person needs some humor.

But, so many blogs, so little time, and I'm interested in more than just humor.

Just had some ice cream and a beer, think I will take a nap.

Link said...

Good blog, refreshing. Thanks. Do you old fogey bloggers just gravitate towards each other?

Davo said...

Link, errrm, old fogies? umm. Can't speak with gravity for anyone else, but no more, nor less than gravitate towards beautiful, young(ish), blue-eyed bloggy feministas, I guess .. heh.