Sunday, March 04, 2007


Australia is a peculiar Island/continent/Nation. Only 20 million people live here. 80% of the population survive on a thin strip along the Eastern coastline.

Think about it. (there is a reason for that, don't come here - and it's not political. After 200 years y'd think we could support more? .. heh.)

That superimposition, of course, is upside down in relative terms. Tasmania is the coldest bit, Cape York is tropical.
(not my pic, pinched it from Holties house)

Quote: (pinched from somewhere, dunno who, dunno when) Americans travel around the world as if they owned it. Australians travel around the world as if they don't give a shit WHO owns it.


BBC said...

Americans are fucking idiots. They think there are no boarders except theirs.

Wait, this is a country of fucking christians.

Never mind.

They want to take you over next.

He, he, he.

When they come to visit your country you should ask them if they are christian, if they say yes you should kill them in the night and not tell anyone.

BBC said...

Really, the only good christian is a dead one. On the other hand, the only good muslim is a dead one.

Thankfully they are mostly fighting each other in Iraq. Stupid fucking monkeys.