Sunday, March 04, 2007


Was listening to - yet another - Repeat of a Phillip Adams LNL and some scientist wuz wafflin' on about "mirror neurons". Sheesh. Whaddit 'e mean .. 'e's looked at the scan of the brain.

Sez that if some person bloke is lookin' at somebody else pricking some one wiv a needle, some brain cells light up as if it wuz them.

Nah, can't be possible. Everyone knows blokes don't have no empathy.

George W. Bush iz our hero.


Davo said...

Sort of funny, really. Reading the "Weekend (weakend?) Australian" newspaper is very bad for the brain. Some writer even suggested that the absence of GWB would be a disaster .. after all, what would we have to get angry, angstish .. and write about ..??

Link said...

I like that the weakend Australian. But back to your post. No no no, yes. Its true. And if you have the concentration capability you can excercise your entire body without obviously moving muscles, just by imagining you are. They've done tests on ?swimmers hooked 'em up to electrodes which monitored their muscle activity while presumably they were sitting in chairs or lying on couches, while they imagined themselves actually swimming. The activity on the graphs from the electrodes, showed that the muscles used for swimming were indeed contracting and expanding as muscles do as if they were actually swimming. Sorry long winded, you've probably heard this before. You can indeed if you've got the power of concentration and I think therein lies the secret, turn yourself into a veritable he-man if you so desire, by spending twenty minutes a day thinking about your body actually doing. I think there was a Yogi who built up his muscles in this way. Weird shit. The mind is weird and we wonder why its so big and that we use so little.

Davo said...

mm, I wonder if I could sit at home all day "thinking" about work, then get the customers to netbank the money .. mm