Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This isn't what I would call a "random" trajectory, but for those interested in such things - Comet McNaught is visible in the Adelaide sky at the moment. Astroblog has some more info, as has the Astronomical Society of South Australia.

(pic pinched from the ASSA site. Copyright Phillip Pudney.)

[Update, Wednesday morn: Decided to go and have a look for myself yesterday evening.. Pics taken from near Mt Osmond Golf course. 8pm -9pm Tuesday, Jan16th2007.]

McNaught and Venus visible in next pic. Venus over on upper right, McNaught on lower(ish) left near small slash of cloud. (click pic.)

(bit different from "star"gazing at the "Golden Globe"awards .. heh.)


Davo said...

Gee, mebbe I could invent an "Omen" of some sort, or chase after it. Perhaps would find a newly-born in a shed near Port Lincoln .. heh, heh.

BBC said...

I don't pay much attention to what is going on out there having observed it for billions of years now.

It's just a bunch of cosmic sex even though some of it is pretty.

The most interesting thing in the whole cosmos is the miracle of life on this planet.

A nice full moon or a good sky full of shooting stars is nice to enjoy through human eyes though.

To hell with a newly born, get out of the bible bullshit, just go get laid.

Anonymous said...

Ooo Ooo Ooo, Davo! You should see this! Your link eventually took me here:
Go to
and look at the two pairs of stereo photos under the post heading "How Bright?" If you cross your eyes as the narrative instructs, there will appear a single centered three-dimensional picture! I never did this before! Yowwwwsa!

GreenSmile said...

nice pic. Thanks. We were supposed to have a good view of it here in New England but, wouldn't you just know it, there were clouds.

Davo said...

Yup, very interesting Anon. Even Guambat Stew seems to have caught the Cosmic bug. Have to say, though, that the "pretty pictures" on his post are enhanced, and millions of Light years in size. Mind boggling (if yer a human that is, bbc would probably think them Ho Hum .. heh.)

Anonymous said...

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