Monday, January 15, 2007

groundhog day?


BBC said...

Why? They are your gates.

Yves said...

Someone is not amused

GreenSmile said...

please present Gates at the pearly gates. and his boss too while you are at it.

and why is it that there is a bouncer at the portal of heaven, or any gate at all for that matter, but nobody ever got turned down trying to get into hell?

Davo said...

Must be the "Middle-Eastern" god, Yves. Not noted for his sense of humour .. grins.

Good question, Greensmile.

Davo said...

These are all "recycled". Have posted them before. On looking at the (now) one at the top, should read -
"Help prevent truth decay. Brush up
on your bibliography". Which is a twist on a "real" church sign. Also have a pic from a "real" church sign which began it all and reads "Don't let worries kill you, let the church help."

Charles Bergeman said...

The Church Sign Generator is awesome!

Thanks for that!