Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Family losses

Have just been looking at the family tree (the personal one – not the wider community) and have just noticed that ..

My father, husband of my mother, died prematurely in MARCH 1945 .. and one of my grandfathers, Father of my mother, died in MAY 1945.

Sheesh, cannot comprehend what that must have been like for my mother, with 5-6 month old child to look after.

Am rethinking attitude toward my mother .. always wondered why she was a crusty old bitch bird survivor, but she cashed in her chips in 2002.


BBC said...

My dad died at 44 but I was in the Navy by then. My mother lived into her eighties, but she was still an idiot.

Not many people in my family to be proud of. My Grandmother was a good woman though.

Davo said...


Brownie said...

Yes! genealogy is a wonderful obsession and I am guilty.
Don't you wish you had been able to talk about that with her before she died?
My grandmother (1897-1986) had six children under 7 years of age, on a farm south of Hamilton Victoria. One of them had the handicap of deafness. I can see from old photos that she had lovely gardens full of flowers and vegetables, she sewed and cooked and raised them all properly (ie: no convictions).
She did it all without a tumble dryer or a mobile phone, and managed to stay married as per her marriage vows. he was social and good humoured, and never complained about the arthritis I realise she had. I deeply regret that I realised none of this while she lived.