Thursday, January 25, 2007

Raising the standard

'standard', n, a flag or military symbolic figure on a pole, marking a rallying point ..: a basis of measurement..: a criterion: a measurement .. among others.
From Old French - estandart- 'to stand'.

Have written about this previously (click title) but will revisit it again. [there is also an interesting discussion in the comments on that post. Try to read first, before commenting :)]

There has, apparently, been a bittuva Hoohaa recently about bogans with flags.
Ninglun has a summary and further links. There is, of course, much debate about "Aussie Values" (whatever they are) recently, but is complicated - so won't write much at the moment.

Have to agree with some of the commenters by pointing out that the Australian national flag (which, by the way, was only "officially" proclaimed in 1953) should be treated with due respect, and should only be flown from a flagpole, never be allowed to drag on the ground, nor be draped as "crusader" cloaks from the sweaty shoulders of beer-soaked bogans.

Some flags to look at, this Australia Day.

I rather like this one, though the white slash is a bit messy. Perhaps following and continuing the shape of the "boomerang" with green .. then the red and white .. with the blue sky and Southern cross. Other designs and information on Flags and flag design can be found at Ausflag.

This one is a recent design representing the Aboriginal community. (The concept of Nation is complicated.) I like it. Striking and memorable.

Representing our - one and only - serious "rebellion" against "Imperious" British rule.

Another design for consideration.

And this is the one (in concept, at least) that currently hovers over Parliament House in Canberra.

It is, perhaps, unfortunate that the current Australian administration can only see the primary colours of red, white and blue. There are others that comprise the full spectrum of a Nation.

The question of, and discussion about, "standards" is long and complicated. Wish that I had more time to write about it.

Happy Australia Day.


Peter said...

And a Happy Australia Day to you too Davo.
I still support the idea of a flag of our own, we are a nation that has evolved from the starting point of British colonialism into a leading light in our region, not perfect by a long way but better than most.

BBC said...

I have a need.

It is a great need.

One world.

One flag.

We are one.

Yves said...

Australia Day? Thanks for telling me, I've been exiled from the land of my birth for 60 years and should keep in touch more.

I like the one with the boomerang, but I agree the white line should echo the boomerang and have a bend in the middle. I would also like to reflect the artistic and spiritual genius of the Aborigines more, but changing all the colours to ochres---pigments from natural earth, as in Abo paintings. Dunno if they have a blue though?

Davo said...

"exiled" Yves?. Doubt it, and don't get me stroppy about the word "indigenous".. heh.

Davo said...

Flag design and etiquette is peculiar and little known. Putting black at the "head" - closest to the "peak" would not be tolerated at this time.

Yes, recognition of the pre-history of this Nation needs to recognised.

At this point we are but a young Nation, learning.

Davo said...

One world? One flag?. Thought that that was the UN flag. Dream on, bbc.

Deirdre said...

A flag debate is a good way to reignite a Republic debate, Davo, so good on you :)

I like this one -
Ausflag No.53
- mostly because I think it looks good. But also it works well symbolically. The red/orange base recalls the Aboriginal flag and the country's Red Centre, plus the Southern Cross flies over us all, a unifying thing but also bringing in the idea of navigating here from other places (as most Australians have done, in one way or another). I'd change the blue to green though, just because I don't like that blue, and also green would acknowledge the way most of us live around the green edges of the continent, and it would also recall the green and gold flags/uniforms of sporting victories etc.

Anyway, interesting topic. Thanks. Happy Australia Day :)