Thursday, January 25, 2007

Afterthought to post below

Um, have seen a TV image of our Prime Minister, Defender of the faith, example of the base principle of the Australian ethos (heh) publicly telling the organisers of the Big Day Out event that it was "unAustralian"to (reportedly) ban the display of australian flags at the event.

Hah. Hooha. Has anyone seen this pathetic example of a Nation actually publicly deplore, discourage, suggest .. that bogans dragging the Aussie flag around as some sort of "nationalistic"icon might reflect badly on the flag? Bring up remembrances of other "fervently nationalistic" flags?

Nup, cater to the lowest common denominator, our PM. A very wily, cunning and experienced polititian, our PM.

Election year, I guess. Re-organising the spin. Appease the bogans and add Malcolm Turnbull to appeal to the intelligensia (and the uncomfortable middle class)

mmmm. Kevin Rudd has a problem.


Davo said...

Howard's gotta go, gotta go .. "the devil wears Prada" ..more or less, heh.

BBC said...

Got me, I don't know Howard and what is going on over there. Damn, I hate not having an opinion.

Wait, I do......

How about a flag with boobs on it?

Davo said...

Boobs, BillyB? a flag with Howard and Costello on it?? Oh give us a break, don't think that that will go down well with the electorate.

Funny, really. Aussies know more about the electoral machinations of Washington, than they do about Canberra. Oh well .. *sighs*.