Sunday, January 14, 2007

Random trajectories

This post is not well thought out .. unplanned, impromtu and unstructured. (and by 7.30pm am probably too pissed to worry much)

The notion of random trajectories has always fascinated me.

Joe Bloggs backs his car out of the driveway at 07.59.03. Precisely the same instant that I back my car out of the driveway - 10 miles distant. He has a destination to get to, as have i. During the day we travel in many different directions, and on widely separate roads.

At 17.33.09 we arrive at the same intersection. For him the traffic lights are red, for me, green. He on his side of the intersection, me on mine.

He doesn't know about this, of course. Has never met me nor probably never will.

There is, of course, the possibility that he (or me) might be sleepy, drunk, or inattentive - and continue through the intersection. In which case we will intersect, and be instantly aware of each other and physical damage will be involved.

This scenario can be applied to any situation that one chooses. Too easy to predict on flat ground and manufactured roadways. Aircraft intersections are much more problematical.

Same scenario, but in three dimensions.

Is there a "plan" for all this? I think not. Does God say aha! will poke my finger under the tail of that aircraft and guide it into the rare, precise and exact, chance of collision?

There are, of course, some people who view random incidents and will insist that "It is God's will" .. or "God has decreed that these people should die." .. but really, an excuse too easy.

An abdication of thought. Repitition of rote. Dogmatism at best.

No concept in this post is new. Some bloke living in Greece (or somewhere there) came up with the concept of random events way back in whatever. He was known as the Laughing Philosopher, but never wrote anything (sound familiar?). No, of course not. Yeshua never did either, but Emperors would have you believe that "suffering" for the good of "the Empire" is the only way to survive, aand are determined to suppress any heretical radical thought that might undermine their hold on power.


BBC said...

Why would any God care about any of that.

Random events produce random consequences. But the random event of getting my own little piece of land reduces the chance I will be displaced.

Davo said...

Am not saying that there isn't some sort of "intelligent design". It's just that I find it difficult to believe, and the whole notion of "destiny" also fascinates me.

BBC said...

I think "intelligent design" is something new, not something old. Doctors of science improving things here. The rest of it is just lucky things created by pagan mysterious sexual energy's. Miraculous that it is of course.

An old intelligent design idea is just stupid christian thinking. Just because they say it doesn't make it so.

If we were an intelligent design in the beginning we wouldn't have been monkeys first. And things from the sea before that.

Destiny is a hard one. Basically I think you have to forge your own, I did most of my life. But for the last ten years I've left some of it up to the cosmos, and that has been working for me.

But to do that a person has to have faith in the cosmos, and accept that it doesn't always work out right. But it is all interesting.

The cosmos may have beautiful plans but the monkeys on this planet can screw them up. Toss in other random events of nature and such and you just have to deal with some things the best you can.

I sure feel for you having to move though. I hate moving anymore, and your place looks so nice and comfy.

If I didn't have my own property I guess I would live on a boat or in a motorhome. I hope you find another nice place that you like.

BBC said...

What is intelligent about sticking our pissers into other pissers and loving it?

Huh? Huh? Huh?

Davo said...

sheesh, and nobody mentioned my error in saying that Democritus never wrote anything. Don't you people READ the links?

Davo said...

bbc, for someone who claims to be god, or even understand the mind of god, you have a particularly inelegant way of putting things. Can only surmise that you are not a major part of the elegant universe .. buuut, whaddya expect from someone who lives in "God's own country".