Monday, December 11, 2006

Turnbull and the republic

Just chucking this in from the grab-bag of myriad random thoughts that sometimes make it into the blog. Have just posted this "comment" on the latest post from Guambat Stew. (ya hafta be quick to keep up with the prodigous output, over there.)

Keep an eye on Mr Turnbull .. if ya can't change the system from the outside, work it from the inside.

Have to admit, though, that am definitely anti-republican. Hopefully will be dead before Turnbull becomes Prime Minister and sets up the next referendum.

There are two blokes that have been "following", so to speak. Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull. Kevin is now putting his cards on the table. Malcolm is still keeping his, close to the chest.


Yves said...

Malcolm Turnbull: wasn't he the lawyer who beat Margaret Thatcher and HM Government one-nil over the matter of the Spy-Catcher memoirs of Peter Wright?

And are you telling me this is not enough for him and he wants to sever Australia from the indispensible umbilical cord that links your dinkum land to HM the Queen?

Just when our prisons are overflowing again, and Tony Blair has doubtless been wondering if he could send a more few ships full of manacled men, women and children to Botany Bay!

And I suppose you lot will wrestr back the Ashes too. Enough is enough, you know.

Davo said...

we've got the ashes back, dingbat. Next goal, malcolm turnbul as President of the Federated Commonwealth of South Pacific.

Davo said...

..and nah, no more "boat people"..ya hafta come via Emirates airline.

Yves said...

Counting chickens a bit David? England (I don't say "we" 'cos I born in Perth WA) can still win, technically. But I have not checked the published odds.

Please don't try that beta. I cannot comment on 2 blogs which use it. Or perhaps they have made me persona non grata.

Davo said...

Am in two minds about Gurgle beta. On the one hand they seem to be forcing the intelligensia into conformity.. and on the other ......