Monday, December 11, 2006

In the mean time..

.. or rather the UN-mean time, yup, am a bloody volunteer. Since vast amounts of Australian social life relies on "volunteers" (the State Emergency Services, Country Fire Brigades, Volunteer Coastal patrols, Surf Lifesavers .. and a few more ..) shudder to imagine what it will be like when "workchoices" really kicks in. When we all have to work three or four jobs just to pay for the imported chinese groceries.

Will anyone have the time to "volunteer" any more?

I have "lift-off" heh.

Whoo hoo .. rebirth, regeneration and renewal..


Yves said...

That was quick! But of course you are in the summertime there. Pray tell, what species are these? Congratulations for saving the planet anyhow.

Davo said...

Am not going to write it all again, Yves.
Start here

Davo said...

um, sorry to be so terse, Yves .. perhaps one of the reasons why am considering switching to the "beta"blog shit. give the reader a chance to click on "labels" (categories) and follow one thread at a time. Dunno yet. I rather like this version of a chaotic look at my thoughts.

Davo said...

first cabs off the rank are the Allocasuarina

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You're a proud propigator.


Anonymous said...

Volunteer is another word for slave, but at least you get to grow plants instead of building pyramids.

Davo said...

Anne, don't believe everything Hollywood tells you, it is a propaganda machine carefully designed to denigrate every other civilisation except its own.

As far as i can gather, the Pyramids were a labour of love - and in addition, the artisans were paid far more in food and shelter than they could scratch from the ground by themselves.