Sunday, December 10, 2006

whoo hoo, windy stuff

just a post for BBC. So nice to be in a house with brick walls. Have been out in this sort of stuff, 32ft ketch, anchorage far from discernable "civilisation", up all night trying to make an anchor stick in "coffee rock". Ahh, the "good old days".


Davo said...

Nah, stuffit. Cat is safe. Canaries are safe.. gone t bed.

Anonymous said...

Ah, brick walls, wouldn't know much about that being an old country hick that lived under trees a lot, and loved it.

I do not post my best email address on the Internet. But if you send an email to the email address on my profile and put "Your blog" in the subject line so that it gets past the junk filters I will be more than happy to give you my main address to my Outlook Express account. :-)


Anonymous said...

There was an old man that came here a lot , built his own steel hulled sailboat when he retired. Lived on it full time and went to Australia and New Zealand and other places all the time.

He once spent 90 some days at sea without speaking to another person, didn't want to. Nice guy to talk to though, if he wanted to talk to you.

The last time I spoke to him he was fixing to leave to Australia again, told me to not expect to ever see him again.

He figures on dying on that boat out there somewhere. I can respect that, as good as way as any to die.

"It can't fall down, there is nothing holding it up... Except some sort of capitalist exploitation."

I just noticed that, interesting.

Davo said...

"It can't fall down, there is nothing holding it up." is/was a favourite saying of a friend of mine who happened to be on medication for schizophrenia (and yup most of my friends are errrm, "mentally challenged".) I just tacked the other bit on. He is/was an interesting character, and I lived under a polytarp on his 14 acre bush block up in Queensland for 6 months or so. That was after I sold the boat that had been living on in the the mud and mangroves of the Mary River for 5 years or so. I really should get some sort of act together and write about all those experiences.

Davo said...

and errm, Billy, i must be a complete dill, but can't find any links to email addresses on either of your blogs.
[and go easy on the "hugging" ya grumpy old bugga, could get suffocating at this end .. heh ;)]