Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thankyou America

Thankyou to the sensible people of America. Sheesh, fighting through a corrupt, fractured and weird electoral system paid off.

And Rumsfeld was a bonus.

(PS Bluggger is giving me a very strange sign on screen for this one. Giving me a message perhaps?? Tough tit, am not changing this one until absolutely neccessary.)


Rauf said...

What's the difference ? these guys are no saints either. they are all the same.

How to get out of VietNam ? It was so embarassing. So CIA themselves organised the first few Anti War protests.

Now How do you get out of Iraq ?

You know I come up with corney solutions

they removed one dictator whom they manufactured. Make another dictator, put him there and get out.

whats the use ?
yes whats the use !!

blogger did not work yesterday. couldn't comment, beta was working.
now me thinking of going beta. what do you say Davo ?

Anne Johnson said...

Don't go beta, Davo! I can't comment on beta blogs for some reason. I don't know enough about computers.

Afraid I have to agree with your first commenter. Nothing, no nothing will change. Nada. Zip.

Davo said...

Oh Tch tch Rauf, that's sounding a bit negative about it all. Nations and countries have got themselves into (mostly through interference by other nations) and out of trouble since recorded history. Life seems to potter along. Am not wishing further ill on the Iraqi people, but sort of hope that they don't get it sorted until the Bloddy Shrub vanishes, otherwise he'll claim the credit.

Anne, that's one of the reasons I changed Davo's Flicks to beta. This "Davo" can't comment on Beta blogs either, but the 'other' Davo can .. i just have to remember who i signed on as .. :-D