Saturday, November 11, 2006

Betta Blugging?

Dunno at the moment, have had a little time to play with Davo's Flicks, and have to admit that the ability to put posts into "labels" (Categories in everybody else's language) is a definite advantage.

Can organise the various vids into Travel, Aircraft, Fishing, Opinions .. etc. If the 2 visitors per month want to see everything within that "label" just click on it and it only displays those posts.

Found some trouble getting back to the "full" list of posts, but only had a quick look at it.

Hate to say it, but "migration" is a worldwide phenomenon. When one environment, platform, whatever - becomes untenable, and there aren't too many other options .. migrate.

The original format stays exactly the same, just a few more "management" buttons to learn, and am using my "hotmail" address as a sign in.

Self is being driven even further out of a tiny brain by trying to set up TWO other independent blog systems, so don't expect much in th way of detailed assessment of beta bugger.


Yves said...

Hi Davo, found your site by following link from your comment on Hayden's Lyric Flight blog - a comment much like one I wanted to make too. Is this new blogger any good, really? (I mean the pukka version, not the beta) I am reluctant to try it as I have no problems with the old one. I notice that your links column is very tiny. I think you have got too many "small"s in your font instructions in your template.

Davo said...

Hello Yves. yer, I just thought it funny that "westerners" are spending vast amounts of money to achieve a "simple" life, while there are many in the "third world" who DO live a "simple" life wishing they had the money to live like "westerners" do. Bittuva paradox, really.

Can't help much with the tiny links list, looks OK in Firefox.

joe2 said...

Hi ya davo. Have been experimenting a little with beta as well. I changed over an unused blog i set up ages ago. Some things look good, like the classification thingo. Looks like you can work on drafts, then date them for the day you want to post.
They are pushing punters into google registration since they are the new boss.I have had trouble making comments from a beta they seem to have stuffed up the activation process.
Spose that's all as clear as mud. Cheers mate.