Sunday, November 05, 2006


Funny, really, this post started out as something else, then became sidetracked by a post on Copperwitch.

Where was I? . oh ..yes.

"hits" . Have a very peculiar(?) mind. Intended to write a long post about the notion of rape, (has nothing to do with sex, more about revenge) which was prompted by a post on Beelzebublog, but then became sidetracked by irrits with Guuuuurgle.

Ever wonder why blooger is/was free? It's all about "hits". After the .com boom and bust, the "entrepreneurs" learned. Doesn't matter if there is no income for the first year or so.. just build up the recorded "hits"(visits). (the "how" is a closely guarded secret.. heh)

Get 2 or three thousand per day .. and the "serious" advertisers become interested. After that it's a cakewalk. A bittuva negotiation, sell .. walk away with few mill.. no problem.

And you all think ya wuz just chatting wiv a few friends.


JahTeh said...

Not so much revenge as power.

I couldn't handle the pressure of more than my 4 or 5 regular readers.

Davo said...

Power, revenge, whatever. Haven't made a deep study of it, nor can write from experience. 'Motive' is a complicated subject .. and was probably being a bit sardonic with the rest of the post, JT :)

Anne Johnson said...

I started a blog because I read about a lady who got her dog's operation paid for just by blogging about it. People sent her money. And I can type fast.

Hope you still come and see me now that you know this.

R H said...

I type slowly, but am quick to accept donations.


Davo said...

Will put you on my long list of creditors, Robert. heh