Saturday, November 04, 2006

Global boot footprints

Yer, I live alone in a house that could probably accommodate 20 chin.. asian other personnel, in a city that has been tardy with water storage issues for the past 150 years, use electricity and stuff, have a few extraneous electronic toys, but my personal footprint is fairly small.

Eat little, motor vehicle runs on autogas, have a light on in one room at a time, wash the dishes and clothes once a week, refuse to water the lawn, one (shortish) shower a day, spend zilch on 'cosmetic' facial gloop, and the closest thing to "commercial" drugs would be the occasional panadol. (no "non-commercial" drugs,either - tho the occasional dried hemp would be interesting if I could get hold of it .. heh. Come to think of it .. there could be quite a viable industry built around [non THC] HEMP products, but won't go into detail, look it up fer yerselves.)

Even so, have taken to standing in a bowl while showering and using that water to put on the one rose bush, and three ferns.(I do have some plants that I like, the geraniums can look after themselves).

Also, have just purchased a VERY cheap item.

Total cost $7.00. Just insert it through the inspection hole in a "drain-pipe" and channel any "waste" water out into the garden. (has its own problems, though. Thought I'd be smart and stick it to the outlet of the washing machine. Seemed to be working .. water dribbling out other end of long hose .. then went back to computer room. Shortly after hear strange noise. Went to look, and found that the pressure had blown my "brilliant idea" off the washing machine hose and was happily flooding the laundry floor. Oh well, back to the drawing board.)

Am fascinated that Mr. johnny "staid and stable" has only just "discovered" the electorate after ten years. Gee, giving some attention to the environment, huh? WOW.

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JahTeh said...

I've finally had the taps fixed but I still keep a bucket in the shower to catch the cold water before the hot kicks in. I use that during the night to wash my hands instead of turning on the tap. It helps me not to wake up.