Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bugger Blogger

Guuuurgle has been giving me the irrits fer some time now. Have transferred the "other" blogger blog to Beta, as a sort of experiment, since it doesn't attract many visitors (not that this one does) and nobody has commented - and trying to comment on sites that have "gone to the other side" is bloody near impossible if can't remember username and password.

Sneak preview. Early days yet, many 'plug-ins' and template reconstruction to go, but at least I feel as if I have some control over it. "Comments" on that site have been disabled temporarily, and have the ability to "password protect" some posts. The capabilities and possibilities for "management" are far superior to Blogger, and even Wordpress.

(PS, can even set up "guest posts", or "group" gropes gripes on it.. heh)


Link said...

Davo, would you give us an education about the benefits of beta? I'm yet to realise it. My email account has the option of being beta, but in my experience it has only meant slowa. What are benefits? Ploise explain to the luddites among us.

Davo said...

Link, while not being a direct descendant of our old mate Ned Ludd, am probably still missing the days when the Postie knocked twice .. or blew his whistle, if that reference is inappropriate. Not that have actually written a letter of late. As far as "benefits" of Blogger Beta .. dunno .. just read the blurb by Gurgle .. or type it into the Technorati search box .. it's all an ephemeral electronic fantasy world.