Friday, November 03, 2006

Electric tree stump

Arrived at one of my customers last Wednesday to find this. It must be my wierd sense of humour, or the slow state of events in my life, that I found this amusing.Click pic for larger image.

The concrete, and orange marker was added later, after the cable had been repaired. This, of course, is highly unusual, as the stump is in the centre of the lawn and the cable should not have been there in the first place.

Can just image the surprise of the bloke who was operating the "stump-muncher".


Rauf said...

Davo perhaps the cable is pre historic,
Ice age or stone age.

Davo said...

umm, perhaps i should have been a bit clearer, wrote this in a hurry this morning. The electric cable is the main power supply to the house. Whoever laid it when the house was first built "cut corners" in more ways than one. It was supposed to run along the boundary line. It was buried at 300mm instead of 600mm, and had no "warning" conduit. It was fortunate that the Stump-crunch operator wasn't electrocuted .. but he had no reason whatsoever to suspect that the cable would be there. The tree was a huge old weeping willow (on it's last legs due to white ants) so must have been planted after the house was built.

Doubt that stone or ice-agers had such houses .. heh.