Saturday, July 01, 2006

words vs imagination vs reality

Funny, really. Have always been an "image" conscious person. What I see IS. What i do IS.

Have just had many more "lookers", "dreamers", potential buyers tromp through this house.

Very wet. Rain - off and on - all day, inspection from 2.30 pm to 3.15 pm.

Found several soaks for wet feet to put in front of door. Made a mistake by putting puny towel inside front door. Now have much wet web slimy feet leftovers to clean up from front door.

Hid in "the office". Some people actually thought had the temerity to actually peer in and say hello. "Hi", say I , "am just the tenant, the 'homely'bit is not on auction, just the house and land."

An oldish lady with female partner breezes though. Am just the tenant, say i.

Two teenage girls from next door take the opportunity to take a peek into the innards of the wierd bloke who lives next door. (heh. the agent spotted them, and alerted me. "Keep an eye on those two," he said, "don't trust them.") Umm, Jessica from next door, have known for 5 years. Where is the problem?

Agent tells me that the most likely prospect is an investor, and may probably allow me to stay.

(read the words)


There were some nice people through today. Have no idea who they were.


JahTeh said...

Fingers crossed that the buyers are nice and let you stay.

Perhaps you should have bribed the teenagers to invite a few friends and crank up the music.

Davo said...

Thankyou, JT. Have bought lottery tickets for the next week, and can only live in hope for the time being.