Saturday, July 01, 2006

Video experiments

As mentioned previously, have long been fascinated by stages, screens and imagery. Have a fair amount of Digital video at the moment, as well as VHS, and have just acquired a digital video editing program. Am now in the process of setting up another blog - (yer. I know, am cheapskate, should set up an independent website .. buuuut that costs money .. heh.) - to sort of host some of the edits that am in process of making. To watch the progress, click Davo's Flicks.

This caught my eye. Am not inferring anything one way or another, just liked the way this video was made. (you will need Quicktime).

The following link is missing. Not sure why. Is in my "compose" and "edit HTML" screen.


Davo said...

Huh? was there a moment ago. Now when i try to access the site relating to the video am told "permission denied". mmmmmmm. Stay tuned.

Davo said...

umm, peculiar. Is now back again.