Saturday, July 01, 2006

Am in denial

Nah, not the ones who live in a river in Egypt .. heh. feel a bit like this little green bloke.

(pic from here)


JahTeh said...

I name this pic "Optimism".

iamnasra said...

Amias has been highlighted in LIP (

Getting extra glimse on Amias

Anne Johnson said...

If the croc chokes on the frog, who killed whom?

Ian Haul said...

Nice photo. Pity more lefties could focus on the positive, than the crazed negatives - like hacking my site.

Your picture gives me hope.

Bruce said...

I was going to comment as to the fact that it is a nice picture. Actually, I will... It's a nice picture, but what on earth is a frog doing playing with a croc?

That being said, it looks like you have a new fan Davo - Mr Haul, I think is a parody of another, rather more imfamous blogger.

His picture kind of takes the edge off of the nice little number you have shown us :(

Oh well, such is the blogosphere.

Davo said...

Umm, JT, Optimism is a difficult thing to hang on to at the moment .. heh.

Thanks for the 'heads up' Nasra. Have been neglecting Amias Liquid Plastic of late, and have put L I P in the bookmarks. Cheers.

Have never heard of a frog choking a croc, Anne .. but stranger things have happened ..heh.

Hi Bruce. Dunno what Mr balloon-belly is doing at this site. 'Lefty's' and 'site hacking'? Am definitely on 'the extremities', but have yet to figure out which side.. and have enough trouble trying to work out how to configure my own site .. heh. If you like Pics, check out Blunt knife.

Can't remember much about uniSA, but went there for a year in 1962. Cheers.

Anne Johnson said...

Hey, Mr. Big Belly came to my site too! He should make you feel real good about yourself, Davo. His reply to me made even less sense than yours. I don't know anything about computers but how to type. When I hack, it's because something's stuck in my throat.