Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Video Blog

Arrrgh!!. Heh, more Arrgh's. Have been busy trying to set up the Video Blog. Very frustrating when have very little idea of what am doing. Can Edit the videos OK, but the technicalities of the blog are confusing. Anyway, I think I 've managed to get a video screen loaded, and there is a video hosted on Revver. Can anyone with broadband have a squizz and see what happens? Need some sort of feedback.


Bluey said...

Hi Davo,

Your video blog is working just fine. My only question would be about bandwidth. Do all the video links try to load when you view the page, or only the one that you select to view? If all, then this might freeze up older, slower systems and those on modem dialups? For Youtube links, wouldn't it be just as easy to post the link address so people just go to Youtube itself? For personal happy snaps, did you see that Zooomr is having a giveaway on premium memberships for bloggers?

The Ord Rv fishing trip looks like you enjoyed yourself. You should give the NT's Victoria Rv, at Timber Creek a go sometime. Took a few retired Nackeroos up there a few years ago, visiting old camp sites they had used for their horse-based army patrols way back when. Beautiful area and great fishing.


Davo said...

Visit again? Yer, one day when the Golden Lottery eagle gives a shit.

mm, am thinking that loading the video screens clags the blog system. Am still experimenting, but might have to just go with links to the video host.

Thanks for the feedback. Cheers.