Saturday, April 22, 2006

Dredging the archives

Have just had another look at why this blog began. January 2005. Scroll back, read forward.


charlie said...

Greetings from Glasgow, Davo. Got here via Brownie. Good blog. We sound like contemporaries. Time - Ouch!!!!


Davo said...

Hiya Charlie. "nutters" mm, find the silly bastards everywhere.
"Gurab amhlaidh duit" and as well as that Wombat Wol wishes you good health and good cheer. (Gebback in yer box, WW ..thump).

Rauf said...

I had nothing on mind when I started blogging, hated the word 'blogger', sounded like my profession was dropping bombs, Ah! good idea, then started dropping bombs made all my friends and readers angry.
I know I am going, still don't know where I am going