Thursday, April 20, 2006

"negative growth"

Have, this morning, as the clouds of discontent gather; the "gentle" rain from heaven falls rather forcefully on the roof .. been looking at some numbers.

What is the difference between 1 and 1,000,000,000?
(a whole slew of zero's)

After six years of blood, sweat and tears
The tax department is threatening Legal action..
The Landlord is threatening eviction.
The bank is charging exhorbitant fees, just so I can "keep pace" with both of them.

Should I, yet again, just go back to walking naked in the world?
Was happy and contented, then.


Three Score and Ten or more said...

and I thought the tax man had me by the short hairs.... Best wishes.

xqgxvhmr didn't make it past the word verification. Let's see what the next one does.

Davo said...

Wouldn't it be nice if "governments' had to 'ask' for donations.
"OY we wanna go t war, chuck in yer pitchfork/spare cash". heh

Rauf said...

I am not going away Davo, reading your posts IS a better thing to do, though some of them sail over my head as my english knowledge less than poor.

Here in India big and rich get away with no taxes as there is some disease called 'black money' here, which roughly is undeclared income. They are not caught Only small timers get caught by the tax guys. I hardly earn any money and what ever little I earn is much below the tax level.

Telling them straight on their face is the best policy without involving tax consultants. They are human beings too perhaps they would understand Davo, please have faith.

Anonymous said...

Death and Taxes. The two things ya cant escape. I'm in a hole myself(actually the wife is from her previous bank,computer error) so now I'll have to get a lawyer to straighten it all out, a never ending cycle of B.S.
good luck with yours,
robert from delaware

Anne Johnson said...

If you're happy and contented walking naked in the world, you go, pilgrim. Let me know if you need money for sunscreen. I could maybe spot you two bottles.

Davo said...

Am perhaps sounding a bit 'dramatic'. Things haven't quite reached 'critical'. It is a tempting thought, though. Just sell everything I own (not all that much, actually), buy a rucksack, boots, a decent camera; give what's left over to the tax-man and bank - and just go "walk-about".
Rauf, visiting your blogs always tempts me in that direction .. heh.

Once upon a time Australia used to operate pretty much on the principle of "egalitarian Common-wealth" .. nowadays,

"The rich get richer, the middle-class get poor."

It will be a long time before we start 'rioting in the streets' though.

Miss Eagle said...

Did you ever read Frank Hardy's book "The Outcasts of Foolgarah" based on the premise that to be truly free you had to be very very rich or very very poor. The Outcasts lived at the bottom of the hill. They were the dunny men and earned so little the bank would not give them a mortgage. So they built their houses from what could be scavenged at the dump and so owned their own shelter without any debt to the bank. A lot to be said for it Davo.

Davo said...

Good point, Miss E,
No, have not read the book.. Sounds like the premise for a good movie .. not that the Australian "producers" have any say in this matter.

Am looking forward to a squizz at "Kokoda"