Saturday, April 22, 2006


funny, really, the thoughts that churn through my mind at .. well, the speed of thought.

My hands and fingers have been trained to grip hammers, mattocks and chainsaws. Pecking at a keyboard is not easy. Yer, I should have 'learnt' by now. (ay, Davo, you've been looking at a QWERTY keyboard fer more years than we can remember.. why haven't y' got the hang of it by now?)

Dunno. Choice, perhaps. A blockage in the neural pathways?.

Sometimes, I am in absolute awe, and envy.. of those who seem to effortlessly transfer thoughts, to keyboard, into the web. Sometimes much like the awe and envy that I have for pianists who play the piano.

Two hands?? Ten fingers?? Two feet?? Sheesh. (hey I still have all those appendages, but have not learnt to 'organise' them into a rendition of Rachmaninov's 5th)

Humans are (mostly) born with a head, two arms, a torso and two legs.

It is an endless fascination to watch what happens from then on.


Davo said...

Why should i listen to rantings, when Circe de Soliel also shows us the capability within the human body.

Gerry said...

Wanna type better, quicker, more effortlessly?

Go to one of the freeware download sites and get yourself a good "typing tutor" program and start doing the exercises. You'll be touch-typing at a reasonable speed in no time flat.

Davo said...

Gerry, the 'keyword' is 'choice'. Yup, have had a look at, and battled with several 'teach yourself touchtyping'. Perhaps am just an ordinary bloke with head, two hands .. etc.
Perhaps have reached the limits of "The Peter Principle".

Anne Johnson said...

I was so doggone mad when my parents insisted that I take a summer school typing class. See what you learn by living? They were so right! I type as fast as I think. That's not always a good thing.

Middle Child said...

Once we wrote with a quill, we made ourselves, dipped in ink we had added water to and reconstituted...and some of the wisest, funniest best and most beautiful stuff was written that way... and no sudden power surge coulod take it away in an instant... once that was.