Tuesday, September 05, 2017

one mouse piss

Odd, really, all this talk about how "robots' and "artificial intelligence seem to be overtaking 'common sense'.

At this point of time - in a relatively mild Australian winter (yer, i know am becoming elderly - any temp below 15 Celsius is freezing ) ... the "Air Conditioning" split system in this rental house became a problem about six (6) weeks ago..Rang the Agent. Split system Fujitsu Air conditioning system not working.

Rental agent told me she would ring Air conditioning system repairer.
Six weeks later ..... have NO problem with the bloke who turned up.
HOWEVER, have been watching the process.
Yes, when he first removed the cover of this airconditioning unit - six dead mice.

What rreally fascinates me that while there a ffurther dead mice -
there was only ONE micrcochip in the 'motherboard that controlled the entire
"climate control" of this estalishment.

For all those who believe the 'robots', and the 'algorythms' of "artificial intelligence" will -
actually "take over this planet" ???????

My bet is on intelligent mice .... meh

(um, under edit ... an still trying to train my mouse and dog to type stuff ..)


Anne Johnson said...

I think you will need a cat to make sure that air conditioning system continues to work. Forget the robot.

Davoh said...

Yep, Anne, remain alive.
Occasionally become interested in "world affairs".
mostly remain a hermit.
Have no sons nor daughters to continue any passion, much less for politics.

John Gray said...

I've emailed you re your request

Davoh said...

Apparently we're working on the subtleties, John.

roth phallyka said...

Occasionally become interested in "world affairs".

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