Monday, June 26, 2017

Raptor Domain

Um, Ok, did mention that i would write a more detailed account of my visit to Kangaroo island, South Australia .... buuuut ... inconsistent snippets escape into internet technology.
Herewith two images that have managed to capture from the video of our visit to Raptor Domain.

Will unashamedly promote the enterprise. One of the most exciting and educational aspects of our visit.
Click images to 'embiggen' - not my invention - try Holties house. (if he and it remains alive).

So, yep, this image is a snapshot from the video clip of me with a kestrel ... but the video clip is quite funny, as Robin (travelling companion) had to ask me to turn around; my back was toward the camera. "eh?" asks me. She had to ask twice! AM NOT DEAF
(well, self delusion, perhaps)

This is a snapshot from the video of Robin with a fully fledged, adult Wedge Tailed eagle on her hand (glove).
(am, of course, now regretting that i didn't decide to come up with the extra $10 to have this pic, with me, in my files).

 The video clips add more details, and am working to edit it all together - but resources are small ... and my concentration levels are short. The project to edit it all into a coherent and interesting (amateur - really need to go back for more 'cutaways' )  documentary is time consuming - but it's mostly for Robin; and may well end up on Vimeo at some point in the future.

However ... if  this post gets enough encouragement? - will redouble efforts to complete it sooner.


Harry Hamid said...

That looks like fun, although the one Robin's got is, yum, a bit intimidating.

Davoh said...

Thanks Harry. 'Intimidating'? ... Nah. Australian Wedge Tailed eagles never attack humans, and this one was 'tame', and well trained from birth.

Davoh said...

Um, as far as 'cutaway' and additional' 'catch up' video images go - not happening for at least 12 months. Total cost for two - AU$4000.00.

Vincent said...

Oh, please do add some more. I've been interested in raptors since reading H Is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald, and the enormous efforts it took her to train a goshawk, much of it indoors, her waiting up all night etc, worse than a baby.

Davoh said...

Vincent. One of the books that have read, that impressed me - is
"Stonor Eagles" - William Horwood ; who also went on to write
"Skallagrigg" ....

Skallagrig - is a must read - for all those struggling to communicate in the 'real' world.

Davoh said...

Um, whatever .. but if you watch the videos - you will see a twitch of my finger in the glove .. to get that bird into this pic.