Thursday, June 29, 2017

Raptor domain (2)

OK .. here's (hopefully) the full clip ..
(un-edited Reality TV?? .. and yep ... that bird was there for the tourist "photo Ops"... meh).

 or try this link (gah, haven't done this for a while).

Am, obviously, not the camera-person.
And the bird does what it chooses.

And the Wedgie was also there for tourist "photo Ops"
However, the whole experience; and education about raptors, and their value within the ecology -
was priceless.

Also ... if anyone is interested in something different from the usual commercial crap on TV....
here's another video from my experiences ..


Anne Johnson said...

Kestrels are my favorite raptor. They're so elegant. (Recall that vultures are not raptors.) Thank you for posting this.

Davoh said...

OK. Anne. Educate me. Why are vultures not 'technically' - raptors.

Davoh said...

Do, actually, have pics and video of a bird from that visit ..
they called it a vulture. Had never heard of, or known of ... an Australian vulture.

Davoh said...

Will try to find the video clip of the vulture ... but might not have it .. was more interested in the owl which sat on my knee; and the antics of the Common Crow (corvid)s?

Davoh said...

Um, an additional piece of information regarding the visit to Truscott Airbase .. is that my father died in B24 Liberator A72-80.
The wreckage has recently been found, in 30ft of water, about one mile off the Northwest end of that airstrip.

N. D'Arbeloff said...

Nice to see you with the bird in the video, Davoh.

And the one of the flight - so sorry about losing your father in that crash.

All the best to you.

Davoh said...

Natalie - there is no real reason to be 'sorry' for anything that has happened to me, of personal "family". Why is it that we all say 'sorry' when we are told of someone elses loss?

Surely the response should be simply "I hear of your loss" - or is that too much to say in these days of 'one word answers'.

"How are you?"
"good". What else should i say? - "yep have been up and down for various reasons, but as far as i am concerned there is nothing whatsoever that you can do to help - even if i told you i was at a low ebb. Tides come and go".