Friday, February 10, 2017

low tide

Yer, i know - headlines can be misleading, and yep, sometimes play word games.

So, what does the title mean? Perhaps it might mean exactly that.
Well, perhaps it might mean that my life is at 'low tide' -

or perhaps it might mean that am followed by the "Black dog".
Perhaps not. Perhaps ennui     
.. might be a better word .... so ...

So, am not, actually, followed by a black dog; more somewhat brindle  .
In which case will post a series of images that fascinate me - dunno about you lot.

Her name is Abbey

So, there ya go. One day's worth of wandering the flats at low tide.

Still think that it's worth more than sweating all day over computer screens in some sort of Wall Street fake money factory.


Ol'Buzzard said...

thanks for commenting on my blog. Yours is interesting - think I'll follow it if you don't mind. We are in the same decade, I'm a few years older; but what the hell does age matter. I don't do anything particularly interesting, just do what's necessary day to day.
Your live feed listed me as Madison, Maine - actually Farmington.
the Ol'Buzzard

Davoh said...

Apologies fer the response delay ol' Buzz.

Have been busy in real life.

Motorcycles? meh. only have a a Yamaha 250 trail bike.