Thursday, February 09, 2017

cognitive dissonance

Am not really sure why am posting this here, as am sure that the three or four regular (?) readers of this blog are as astonished/amazed/horrified at the peculiar mindset of the American president as i am.

Am not even really sure that what i read on the interwebs and "news" reports about him are true or not -

however, i do read the 'reproductions' of some of his 'tweets' and have decided that the bloke is mentally unbalanced. Wasn't even sure what to call it - but cognitive dissonance came to mind.

 Frankly, i don't really care how much of a twit the twat is; doesn't affect ME very much - however, it does seem to be affecting the Australian political leadership(?) a fair bit. Mr. Harbourside Mansion (Prime Minister) seems to have taken some sort of cue, and is ramping up our own draconian "internal security". (as well as ramping up his 'furious' attacks on South Australia for "mindlessly" pursuing the policy of increasing wind and solar electricity generation. While yep, South Au does have the highest consumer price for electricity - that price is mainly set and driven by "interstate" suppliers (mostly coal generated - which makes me wonder that IF coal generation is "cheaper" - how come they charge MORE for it ??)

 Oh, back to one of President Twit's tweets. Can't find the exact tweet* just now, but relates to the so-called "deal" Between the Aussie gummint and Barack Obama - about the re-location of 1250 unfortunate refugees that we've parked, indefinitely, on some tropical hellhole of an island.

For a start, Donny Boy - there are not "thousands", and they're not "criminals" and it was never a "dumb deal" as America was given every chance to "choose" which one's to accept.

The other 'half cocked' Presidential decree is about the banning of citizens from countries which, by all accounts, have never supplied a 'terrorist' attack on American soil.


have been looking up the statistics on American "home grown" mass murders.
(well worth a read).
(really worth a look, this one - pictorial graphic).

This, of course, doesn't include the hundreds of thousands (millions) of civilians murdered by America in someone elses country  since 2009.... but am guessing "State sponsored " Terrorism doesn't really  really compute in some peoples 'world view'.




John Gray said...

I watched the documentary " Requem for the dead" the other night......dreadfully upsetting
It chronicles Gun deaths in the US ( for those who have never seen it)
I wonder if Trump has ever seen it
I think all American children should see it in school

Davoh said...

John, would like to chat further. My email address is easily found.

Davoh said...

ERK, forget that. "blogger profile" (or me) seem to have become somewhat 'coy'. Am now not sure, and am certainly not going to "publish" my email address on this blog ... have enough spam and 'phishing' crap already.

Thinks ...

Davoh said...

Yes, John. Methinks England, Australia, Canada - has far more acces o information than American voters. Scary, if one really thinks about it but Hey; after 12 years on an ocean going 32' ketch; mostly single handed - tend not to worry about things that haven't happened - yet.
Self always had to instruct my 'crew' (mostly friends) - if you have to panic - PANIC SLOWLY!