Thursday, January 19, 2017


Seasons come
Seasons go
This is what's happening on my patch of this planet.

(um clarification - not "MY" patch on this planet - pics from the 'locality' where i live).


John Gray said...

Look at that BIG sky

Davoh said...

Hi John, just thought to post this - since have heard that the Northern hemisphere (or parts thereof) has become somewhat chilly and snowy. Ah, perhaps a reverse notion of the politics of envy ... Heh.

Though have to admit that the weather here is not how i remember it from 30 years ago. Has, recently, been wildly fluctuating. 40C (107F) one day - 15Celcius the next (whatever that is in Fahrenheit (when will the Yankees become sensible and go metric - much more sensible ... heh).

JahTeh said...

Hi Davoh, Melbourne, today 21 tomorrow 30. Weather is not what I remember from my childhood when it seemed to be stinking hot for the whole of December and January especially the first day of school.

Davoh said...

JT... lived in Melbourne for 5-6 years ... weather was always somewhat variable ... used to take a backpack of clothing every time i went outdoors. If ya didn't like Melbourne weather - simply wait a few hours ... heh.

On the other hand - loved the people there... very honest and reliable.