Monday, January 23, 2017


O, just had to comment.

Have been watching the stoush between the Donald Drumf  (am expecting this link to vanish before too long)*1 fortress acolytes and the "media". Apparently the 'photo comparison' between the crowds at the inauguration is "wrong".

"I made a speech," says the Commander in Chief of a very dangerous Military/Industrial complex - self, as far away as Australia -watched him on TV; later, saying -"I made a speech", he then repeats, " ..the field (?) was full of people. There were millions there"...  '"the media is lying ...".

Not long later i see and hear a White house Press Secretary announce some " ...alternative facts ..".

(dunno about you lot, but have seen quite a few "photo comparisons" in recent years and - frankly, in this day and age of  computer aided "photoshop" (do it myself) ... and "fake news" - 'tis indeed difficult to decide what IS fact and what is not. At this point tend to believe that there were, in fact - fewer - people at Donald Drumpf's Inauguration; than there were at Barak Obama's .... but is has been obvious to any reader of this blog over the years of it's existence that am a sort of 'cynical', "socialist", "pagan".)
 ... but i tend to believe the photo comparison taken looking 'toward', not "from".

Am guessing that the view "from" the Inauguration podium "looks" like the patch between it and the monument was "full" of people. Am also cynical enough to look at the pic taken from behind - and wonder if there wasn't some 'organisation' behind the placement of the "crowds" ( to support an overweening Ego?).

I also enjoy the way this polyglot language "English" can be tipped, twisted, enjoyed - but also be used for nefarious intent. In Donny Drumpf's own written words ... " ... i use truthful hyperbole ...". *

Apparently his minions can now use "alternative facts". Somewhat like saying that "God created this planet - 6,000 years ago". (say it loud, repeat it long ... eventually the uneducated will believe it)

Carbon dating is, apparently - a "hoax". Every publication by thousands of dedicated scientists - over at least 3.000 years (apart from the Ron Hubbard acolytes who turned up in this small patch of this planet situated between Canada and Mexico some mere 200 or so years ago.) is also - apparently to some - a "hoax".

* yer, even i had to lookup this word. Doubt that the citizens of the most educationally deprived regions of America would have any knowledge - or even CARE what that means. The only word heard is 'truthful'.
* reference Gorge Orwell - rewrite history

O, how easy it seems to 'activate' the uneducated majority.

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