Tuesday, July 19, 2016

revisiting previous posts

Books, bones and silvery threads

Um, thinks; can i do better than this?


Davoh said...

Sheesh. 0730 ACST (Australian Central standard time) I walk outside. vision is reduced to 100 feet 9300 metres?). a faint yellowish glow in the North East. No wind. The flag put up by my greek origin back fence neighbour is hanging limp. despondent. The little rag that gives the fishermen around here the idea of where the wind is trending.

and No, not my eyesight. fog.

Odd. have not been here fore very long. since january 2016.
am trying to understand the realities of where i live, now.

Davoh said...

*correction; 100 feet does not equal 9300 metres, or meters - mistype.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Hello, Davoh. Just looking in, reciprocating. It's sad that your own comments were the only ones in this box but don't worry. I used to check my stats obsessively now I don't care (much) if I only have a handful(or less) of visitors. I'll keep on blogging for fun, for clearing my mind, venting emotions, reporting on what I'm working or seeing.

What did we do before the internet, when the only communications were verbal ones or written-on-paper ones? Just got on with our lives, whatever they were, uncommented upon. Blogging, facebooking and other social media have done a lot to facilitate worldwide communication but the downside is that they also created an insidious popularity contest. As if the person with the largest number of commenters/followers/"friends" etc. is the most interesting, worthwhile person and the rest of us are "losers". It's like being in school all over again!

Yes, post photos, write about your daily life, whatever you want to write about.

Davoh said...

Yes. Natalie. Self was born into an analogue world. Physical parents, friends, neighbours.
Am in a different physical place on this planet. Six months here. A migrant in my own country. 'twill take some (analogue) time to find 'real', physically near friends and family ...

have been able to find a nearby neighbour, Valmai. Elderly. Fiercely independent. Intelligent, literate .. almost understands my wry jests .. legs not good, uses 'scooter' (if that makes sense, could explain in detail, but reluctant to put details on the internet). Meh