Thursday, March 19, 2015

Posts re-visited

Yep, i know, have been very slack on the "political agitation" of late but hey ... am expecting the 'youngies' to take up the baton. One of the problems that i have, here, in relative isolation, is access to very little information about what is happening in the rest of Australia - much less involvement with the rest of the planet (rest of the planet? perhaps that should read 'the un-rest' of the planet).

There are no "Muslim terrorists" in the immediate vicinity - nor likely to be. No 'murders' during the past 5 years since have been here (though yes, there have been 'altercations' with one or two neighbours; one of which almost resulted in me being choked to close to death, simply because i wanted to see what was happening to my caravan which had lent to a previous tenant of the property nearby. Seriously. A crushed larynx ... for a few days. Have, obviously, learned to keep spoken words, and my thoughts, to myself).

Most of my "comments" about the really quite ridiculous (open to ridicule) Federal nincompoops in charge at the moment - are on The Guardian AU  ... or collecting information from ABC TV and SBS documentaries.

So, self is reduced to just pottering about, trying to keep my opinions to myself; and simply surviving.

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