Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hello .. anyone remaining alive out there?

Am guessing, as the days, months, years pass by; there comes the slow realization that we are (i am) no longer young. While the mind remembers the days when our close friends never died, and therefore neither would we - these days, every time i turn on the radio or TV - someone, or a name, that i knew, from my youth ... 'passed away', departed this earthly life ... or simply; died.
(vale; Terry Pratchett. If genius means an early passing; then am guessing that i have many more boring years).

However, i have to inform the one or two readers of this blog that this 'writer' and 'originator' of the drivel depicted here is, actually, alive; well, and if not exactly fit enough to run the New York Marathon, apparently remains breathing.

For those who remember back that far - I did visit a rather beautiful "lost valley" near this location, some time ago, and sort of promised more images of it.

The 'lost valley' is actually a misnomer. While access by 4WD is extremely difficult and rare - access by "trail bike" is easier - but; do not own a trail bike. However, last Monday, 9th March 2015, arranged with a friend to deliver me and some camping gear halfway to the location. Would walk the rest of the way; camp for a few days; and be picked up on Wednesday 11th March.

That happened.

There is, of course, a detailed account - much more to explore, many photographs to process - as well as video from the three cameras that i 'hiked in'; so, be patient.

[orange - 4WD access. yellow - hiking track. blue - campsite and exploration area.]

How perfect can simplicity be?

what is this?

Have no reason to believe that i will Kark it, anytime soon.


Davoh said...

Um, if anyone is wondering. Took me half an hour the carry the packs down to the blue bit. Had arranged with friend to pick me up on the road at 1pm on the Wednesday. Took me 2 hours to carry the packs up to the orange bit, dumped them, and walked up to the road where "mobile phone" signal was found. Arrived there at 12.30pm, sent "Am OK, PU when ready"" text.

Vincent said...

Yes, I was wondering. Your terse para, "that happened," seemed to leave a story untold. Was there any point where you wondered whether that would happen or not? Did you see another human soul between the time you were dropped and the time you were picked up?

But then of course you had the mobile phone, even if you had to climb a hill or whatever to get a signal.

Kark was new to me. Had to consult the Urban Dictionary (there being no Rural Dictionary available).

Vest said...

And this was fun!!

Davoh said...

Hi Vincent. O, yes, there is a longer and more detailed story in the offing ... but don't hold yer breath. Have to admit that it was the most enjoyable few days that have experienced for quite some time. While the area is not exactly 'completely isolated' (nearest house is only about 6 Klm away) - it really is difficult to access, and evidence from the tracks indicate that it's rarely visited. However - did i see another human? .... errrm, yup; much to my annoyance. Two trail bike riders turned up on the Wednesday morning. Methinks i surprised them somewhat, as the campsite was not easily seen from the track. Could have stayed put, and hidden, but, me being me, decided to say hello - and this scruffy old hobo popped out of the shrubbery behind them.

Haven't had a look at the Urban dictionary yet - but your comments about "kark" it got me thinking. Where did it come from? Could be a contraction of "kick the bucket" - though how that could be associated with dying defeats me. Perhaps it's from the sound of the last 'gurgle', ... or the sound of a crow when it spots carrion ... heh.

Yep, Vestie, 'twas fun; and am planning a longer visit in the future (weather permitting). Am not sure what to do about the canine, though - cans of dog food are heavy. And no, do not own a gun, and doubt if my 'bushcraft' skills are enough to guarantee a consistent supply from the local wildlife.