Thursday, September 11, 2014

swirling the cloak

Yer, apologies to the readers who have been occasionally visiting - am experimenting with the "template".

While yep, 'consistency' IS important ... self sometimes experiments with the 'magical' internet/computer generated options. Not to worry, DO remain the basic ME.

Have not the slightest idea of what the "new" "reformed"  Womby's drivel will eventually look like, just thought that would experiment. Perhaps i may be able to "put the old format back" - but doubt it.

Is, however, a bit easier, and  far less "important" than the Scottish vote. This, obviously, is not all that important to me, specifically, but will be to those who seem to think that it's simply a democratic "vote" to change Parliaments - where one really only has to wait until the 'next' parliamentary elections.

'Tis a bit like the people in Western Australia setting up a "referendum" to "secede" from the Federated Commonwealth of Australia. ok, PISS ORF. .... but remember that the Federated Commonwealth States of Australia SUPPORTED you, until iron ore was found and exploited. Will you come crawling back into the Commonwealth of Australia when the iron ore runs out? If the (nonspecified) military from elsewhere decided that the Pilbara might be cheaper under their control. Would you be able to "defend" the independent "State" without the support of the Federal  "Australian Defence Force"?

Have also been watching an ABC  TV program about "transgender" issues (um, am male, with penis and testicles - if that's important - but also seem to have retained 'compassion' and 'emotions' - if that makes sense).

The point of the documentary seems to be ... once changed - there is no 'going back'..

On the other hand (sinister, dexter ... what's wrong with being ambidextrous?)

Considering all the crap on the "news" these days - might be worth having a look at THIS,* again.



Vincent said...

I followed up your THIS, again link, but was unable to find any punchline, anywhere. Must be me at this time of the morning.

You touch a nerve though with all this talk of the secession of Western Australia. This is typical of what happens to me. I live my own country, turn my back on it, the next thing it goes to rack and ruin. OK, by "next thing" I mean 68 years later. But seriously though, WA doesn't want to secede, does it? It only has one town. I've been to Albany & Denmark. they are just villages.

The Scotland business troubles me though. I pray for a No vote, that is all I can do. It matters a lot here. I'm not sure why but I sense disaster if the Yes win.

Davoh said...

Hi Vincent. Thankyou for the complimentary comment in the 'post after this'. You are probably the only reader who understands the 'sub-text' of Womby's drivel.

The 'THIS, again' link was to this,

hardly a "punchline" - more of a very detailed study of ancient history of the "middle east" - and the 'origins and fundamentals' of all of the schisms that beset most of the "mainstream" religions around the planet in these times.

Did Western Australia contemplate secession from the Commonwealth of Australia? Yep, some years ago - when the 'mining boom' was at its height. Wiser heads prevailed.