Thursday, September 11, 2014

PEACE ALERT upgraded! (downgraded?)

Seriously, Australian citizens have more chance of becoming inadvertently dead by falling off a ladder ...
driving a motor vehicle on a highway (especially when inebriated) ... a VERY low chance of being eaten, or mangled by a crocodile or shark.

So, how come the "terror alert" is increasing????????????

Bah, Humbug; just gives the 'boy scouts' (or blue tied by the neck bureaucrats and politicians) the excuse to ask for more money for more (expensive) toys. Prove their "manhood" with 'hard'  ' projectile', whatevers.

Yer, i know; was an 'only child' ; spoilt rotten.


Davoh said...

Which sort of brings me t another thought, At my age, the 'penis' is sort of relegated to a 'bladder evacuation organ' ... if that makes sense.

MMM, thinks. Nup, no finance to purchase a 'rocket to the moon' as some sort of surrogate penile fantasy. Not enough finance to purchase a .22 calibre projectile piece of engineering.

Guess that will just have to 'dream' about 'what used to be' ... heh.

Vincent said...

I like your new blog format, David. It's businesslike, crisp, conveys a sense of down-to-earth efficiency & good taste. It somehow lifts up the content to a magisterial smoothness and aplomb.

Ah, the content! We must speak of that too. The maestro's touch is again apparent, in his great leaps of fantasy and contrast, effortlessly following satirical political comment with reflections on the depredations of old age on the theme of "where are the rockets of yesteryear", with that touch of pathos, the ever-present memento mori that lurks behind the meditations of every great man.

One is, eventually, silenced.

Vest said...
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Davoh said...

"shriveled" ? perish the thought.
self is bigger than my penis.