Monday, September 15, 2014


interesting\word. OY!, have 'feedjit' in the 'right-hand' "sidebar"..  Anyone can 'read' it - if searching back that far.
Also have "statcounter"  .. ya think this is something "new'?
(mostly can't be bothered).

However, most of the "hits" on this blog , over time - are about my post about "gaolbait".

Yep, can probably organise some  "statistics" - but they do not come from Australian ISP's.
What's an "isp"? Yer, what ever.

Oh, did i mention this/

(damn, must be becoming part of the "Prime Minister's " 'political adviser' mantra.

Say one thing, three words, .keep repeating - 1500 years of repetition must mean something?. the Roman Imperial Vatican "metadata library" is behind\ you ..;.

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