Monday, September 15, 2014

1 + 1 = interesting algebra

Anthony John Abbott is a "Rhodes scholar". Cecil John Rhodes establishes teh "Rhodes Scholarship".

Cecil John Rhodes  ... established the "british" colony formally known as "Rhodesia".

Should Australians now expect that this "colony" be hence forth (according to Anthony John Abbott's vision of 'glory' ...
be hinted that "terra australis" be wondering whether it should be be 're'named - as Abbottabad. ?

this "Prime Minister" has, once again - proved that he and his 'cabinet' - has not the slightest idea about how to "keep Australia safe".


Davoh said...

Um, yep, am not very annoyed about sending AU 'special forces'. Just annoyed that they are now "Known" to be "in theatre".

Vest said...

Two Rhodesia's, Nth Plus Nyasaland Cap Livingstone Pm Sir Roy Welensky.
South, Cap Salisbury, last White PM Ian Smith.
Azles dived Hub was A Rhodes scholar too.

Davoh said...

Um Vestie: Rhodes' scholars are "subsidised" by the Cecil Rhodes 'scholarship'. May not actually mean that they are "scholars" - in the deep meaning, of "gnostic" - or 'knowing'.

Davoh said...

.. almost as much as i trust Anthony John Abbott's 'learning' at the college of Jesuits.

Davoh said...

.. or his 'experience' as a 'jounalist' under the aegis of Rupert Murdoch.

Davoh said...

Vestie, can comprehend the 600 SAS.

But WHY, WHY send the F18's??????

Doesn't make sense.. Everyone knows that 'aircraft' have limited capability in a "political" or "ideological?" war. They NEED massive expense for "ground support".

Seriously - the political and "ideological" stoush over on the other side of the equator CANNOT BE SOLVED BY 8 Australian F-18's.