Sunday, May 19, 2013


Haven’t written much, as don’t really see much point in telling the readers the daily trivial minutiae of what i ate for breakfast or whether i had a headache for half an hour, or scratched my finger collecting wood.  And there are, these days, a multitude of websites and blogs detailing “opinion”, commentary and information about “politics” and “news” - all far more interesting and literate than what i can invent.

That is not to say that interesting things 'don’t’ happen around here; but are few and far between. Perhaps have become a cynical, boring old fart, restricted by finance, impetus and incentive to actually “do” anything interesting, much less ‘unique’.

So; a summary of stuff since last post.

As for health .. um.  There was a period some weeks ago when had an interesting chest pain and breathing difficulty. Drove self the 35k to Doc -  ECG - to find nothing wrong with heart. Prescribed pain pills. Didn’t really solve problem. Back to a different Doc (tiny, beautiful, apparently Chinese - excellent command of English - and very keen) - who then put me through a long series of ‘tests’. ECG, three different blood tests, chest X-ray - even a CT scan.  Found nothing wrong (well, apparently some sort of fluid build-up in heart cavity. Went away by itself). No problems now.

All my teeth have now been extracted - and feel muuuuch better. Apparently abscesses don’t do general health and attitude much good. Am now waiting for manufactured ‘Tom Cruise’ replicas with the ‘hero’ glint. Well, that’s my request, whether they eventuate is anyone’s guess. Also, hopefully, they won’t be a set of those evenly matched, perfectly aligned, Colgate advertisement ‘white’ which scream FAAAKE! Who knows. Am not in a financial position to ‘dictate’ or demand. Que sera sera.

The ‘journey’? .. Ah.

Have been in email and phone contact for a year or two with a friend who lives roughly 450 kilometres away, down near the River Murray - and yes, in case anyone was wondering - female*.  It just so happened that last Tuesday found self with a few hundred ‘spare’ dollars, so decided to go visit. Departed Wednesday morning at about 9.30am, arrived about 5.30pm - an 8 hour journey.  Have to say that the ‘91 VN Commodore wagon performed above and beyond the call of duty.  Self discovered that the NSW road and highway system is very well maintained so, once past the hilly ground where i live - and the further south one travels - the roads are smooth, wide, with long straight stretches, gentle curves.

Far be it from me to publish ‘facts’ - but apparently speeds of 150kph can be comfortably (and safely) sustained.

Yes, am aware that there are ‘rules’ and ‘regulations’ - but who makes the ‘rules’? And ‘regulations’ can only be ‘enforced’ when noticed by ‘authority’ .... heh.

So, arrived safely, enjoyed several days in civilised good company, departed Saturday at 8.00 am - arrived (safely and in good condition) at my patch 4.00pm. Am very proud of the wagon .. heh.

[*there has been some discussion of late about ‘homosexual’ marriage. Have to say that while i find the notion peculiar - have no particular objection, except to say that the prime purpose of any species is reproduction and survival.  It just seems more logical for any human society to favour the union between male and female since biology dictates a higher chance of reproduction].


BBC said...

I have not for one minute missed my teeth.

Guyana-Gyal said...

You can't be that much of a cynic if you sped, ahh, I mean, drove all that way to enjoy someone's delightful company!
Yay for you :-)

Vest said...

Going down the road to see me mate. Now that in strayer can be a days chug away, last time I went to see my old shipmate down the road near melbun shoved 1100 kilometers on the falcons clock. yesterday me and erindoors went shopping there and back nearly as far as the black stump.
Last time I went to Uk on a big bird from steak & kidney it took a quarter of a day to clear strayer at port Hedland WA. our nearest adjacent state capital is 800 miles away in the old archaic measurements.
Even the bloody rain is a long way away ere - sposed to come yesterday, musta got held up until I walked one Kay to the booze shop - on the way back it pissed down, the cat was at the front door soaking wet making funny noises, I dried her off with my towel - musta touched a funny spot got scratched for me trouble.
I then wiped me face with the towel and now I cant stop sneezing - gotta go.

PS Davoh . seems a long way to drive for a bonk?

Davoh said...

Ah Vestie .. thankyou for promulgating the myth that the local member can achieve production.

And yep, remain one of those Aussies who consider a 500 + - trip "just down the road".

Rain? Been a bit sparse, but 21mil last night. Expecting -1C tomorrow night. Have just been up the road with friend Larry to collect wood. (eeeek! more CO2).

GG . yep, live by self with dog ... anything with chintzy curtains, good cooking, clean benches, intelligent and lively conversation is .... um, 'civilised' .. heh.