Thursday, May 23, 2013

Am Disgusted

OK, have had enough. Am annoyed. Don’t really care whether the next sentences label me as racist, bigoted or fundamentalist.

Muslims are not doing themselves any favours.

Have just been reading/watching some of the recent news from London. Those two black ‘Muslims’ are not ‘terrorists’ - just brutal, common, callous murderers.

O, yes, am aware that ‘christians’ can be accused of the same. However - perhaps it’s just the 'bias’ of the local ‘news’ meeja - BUT - how come there is so much ‘factional’ killing and murder in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt ... etc.  Is it just a “Muslim” thing - in which case methinks 'the powers that be’ in the more 'civilised’ nations should just 'butt out’ -  if Muslims want, demand, are impelled; to kill each other - let them. Just insist that those people don’t ‘export’ that sort of murderous attitude.

It bothers me that, in Australia, we - (as far as I am aware) - don’t accept that sort of crap; and IF that is what people want - or are impelled - to emigrate here .. “for a better life  ..?” DO NOT COME HERE!

There is no reason to bring - or try to impose - ANY sort of tribal feuds that involve murder.

Nor, i presume - into England, or any other country which allows “refugee” status.

There is, of course, the excuse that ‘the West’ makes them do it. Crap. They've had 1500 years to build safe, stable, civilised communities ... WHY DID THEY NOT.

Murder is murder. Perhaps Muslims have a different notion of what “murder” or - more specifically "homicide" is.


Vest said...

Expect some stick from red lips.

Davoh said...

Yer, well, am not easily roused.

Davoh said...

On the other hand ... there are no people around here with brown skin who, after self's 3 years of residence - have given me any threat.

Davoh said...

And yes, have read that 'several hundred' people with Australian passports have 'gone to fight' in a sectarian wars that has nothing whatsoever to do with Australian National interest. ok, FINE, go; BUT DO NOT COME BACK. Your loyalties are now apparent. Your Australian passport/citizenship is cancelled.

Vest said...

My Wife and I were married in Johore Bahru Malaya,20-6-53 now Malaysia and a Muslim Country. we have been in communication with several families in Malaysia ever since; meaning visits too plus mail. Here in Australia we do not have any muslim friends (or any who are unfriendly to us personally) But the general trend seems few muslims seek our friendship and in many known cases would prefer to be antagonist but other friends with dark coloured skin we have plenty.
The political and dictatorial Muslim Governments of our world control their peoples through threats of various physical punishments including death to those who would appose their tyranical archaic beliefs.
Get real towel heads and stop listening to or reading islamic fairy stories.
"Get some pork on yer fork".

Vest said...

I have heard from a reliable source(in other words not kosher or generaly true) that the three main entagonists(Muslims) of Sunni Kurd and Shi'ts denomination with Australian passports have been recruited to serve in Syria and Iraq armed forces, meaning they will be apposed to one another.
If so, should the Australian govt encourage this bravery and give them an assisted passage to their homelands but cancel their Aus passports for re entry? Because of the possibility of them continuing the slaughter in Aus if they return?

Gerry said...

I almost fell into the trap of trying to debate this with you.
Have a nice day.

Davoh said...

Didn't post this as a 'debating point' Gerry. More of an outburst of annoyance and anger. Will admit that the post is clumsily written, and the reasons for any event like this are extremely complex. Also, i don't have enough 'background' knowledge for a serious 'debate'.

As for the 'days', Gerry - yes, they are very 'nice', but the nights have been bloody cold :-D.

Gerry said...

Three dog nights? :-)

Vincent said...

Via the media, but more direct experience too, because I live 80 yards from the mosque, I conclude that it's a massive handicap to be born into that religion, and a severe aberration to convert to it. (I still can't understand what happened to Cat Stevens.)

The religion itself seems to promote backwardness. For example, I've lived in Malaysia, where three races coexist in about equal proportions: Malay, Chinese and Tamil. (This refers to West Malaysia.) The Malays are top dogs politically and have laws to handicap the Tamils and Chinese because their successes in education & achievement of prosperity would otherwise put the Malays in third place. Malays are Muslim - pretty much by law.

In general that religion hates democracy, but when by historical accident it nominally exists, they ensure it's crippled by dirty tricks and corruption.

But we're brothers and sisters in one world. We must act from compassion and wisdom. Political correctness is merely a way to cross over to the other side of the road ignoring the problem instead of taking responsibility.

Hate of course can play no useful part in clearing up the mess.

Vest said...

So its you Vincent-thought I hsd seen it somewhere.

Davoh said...

Um, interesting concept, Gerry - i only need one very gentle, real, canine, with real teeth, and the potential to use them.

Davoh said...

Vincent .. long story.

Davoh said...

Vincent, i know very little about the 'basic' tenet of Islam, but did a bit of pottering around the 'internet' and so far have discovered that the "fundamental" premise is, actually, peace and tranquillity.
Dunno why it's been hi-jacked to serve "political" purposes.

Might say the same thing about 'christianity'.

What Yeshua ben Yoseph was on about has no relation to what the priesthood on Mons Vaticanus has done, and continues to do with it.
(complicated? yep)

However, anyone who uses either 'chistianity' or 'Islam' as an excuse for murder has to have a serious think about it.

Vincent said...

Give me the Vatican any day rather than this---and dozens of other things a day sometimes from the same blog.