Sunday, September 02, 2012



Is this a 'diminished' state of mind? Perhaps, perhaps not. Am just rather fascinated about "words" an 'solitude'.

Have just been listening to Radio RN - a program about the "rapes" in the "Democratic Republic of Congo" ..

Sounds, to me, a bit like the notion of the "United States of America". Fantasy.

Have also been watching the 'political Circus' of the "Conventions" in that little patch of territory between the borders of Mexico and Canada.
For a start - the "States" of that rather small patch of the planet are not, actually, 'united'.

A name by any other point of reason smells like Total Crap, political ordure - shit.

The odour of  real life cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, dogs, parrots, trees ... etc.  - smells sweeter than the stench of a politician who extols "equity', and "united".

Am fascinated by Mitt Romney and, of course - the other bloke. Not everyone seeks to screw their way into billions of fake dollars.

Has anyone actually suggested that a few TRILLION$ might have been 'saved' if there was no "war" with Iraq and/or Afghanistan?

Geez, Mitt .. raht now ya sounding lark Gorge W. Bush - a patsy fer the real powa behin' the scene blokes.
 Who's your  "Power Broker" Mitt?

Also by the attitudes of Gina Rinehart- sheesh, sweetheart - not every one in Australia has the benefit of a rather rich father who leaves you (1950's?) with attitude and mining leases. Get real .... marry me .. might have some ideas about how billions might be invested ... heh.


Vest said...

So you would wed the big fat ugly grease burger purely and simply for her stinking millions, 'How Gross'.
I'll be your best man for a paltry payment of a solitary Million Quid.

Davoh said...

OK, it's a deal ... you be my 'best man' (ikk, wot? i havfta PAY you .. shhesh mercenary) ... but only if i pull off the deal ... heh.