Monday, August 27, 2012

matriarch or patriarch

Interesting concept.


BBC said...

Benevolent monarch, not necessarily as an inherited position though.

Vest said...

A Matriarch can also be a overbearing patronising person, sometimes more virilent than a Patriarch.Know a few actually.

BBC said...

I guess Vest means virulent.

Vest said...

BBC: My Granddaughter typed thst message, I had just cut my hand on a glass, G D asked if she could help, but it seems unlike you being so sodding perfect she failed to spell check, I am now left handed until this dressing is removed, I heard you were the only person who can type with his asshole which doesn't surprise me.

BBC said...

Vest, fuck you, I simply noted a mistake and pointed it out, it's not like I pick on mistakes all the time, wordsmiths irritate the fuck out of me.

I'm left handed all the time, when I'm not right handed because I live in a right handed world.

You'll heal fast, ya ornery fuck. :-)

Vest said...

BBC. The odd bit of swearing is understandable. however, when bad language is used as an all purpose adjective, it just shows up a shocking lack of vocabulary and, frankly, a lack of imagination, laziness and probably, dare I say, a rather low IQ.

Sent on behalf of Rosemary, By Vest.

Davoh said...

it's not like I pick on mistakes all the time


Would be interesting to see if i could get you two blokes at the same dinner table in "real life" .... whooo hooo.
luv yas