Monday, April 16, 2012

firkin ell

 Um, i thought it funny - am 'copying and pasting' a comment that i made in the previous post (yes, i DO read the comments).

Just thought to bring it up to the "front page".

Yep, am very 'lenient' as far as "comments" go, since they are, actually, available to every Firkin nutcase - but hey, please try to keep them along the premise that intelligent and well read, even "educated" (whatever that means. Experienced?) humans can vaguely understand.

[a 'firkin' for those who want to get to basic words, and understanding of - originated from "Old Dutch". (and no, am not going to try to explain that region of the "European" part of the planet).

It is, apparently, "one fourth" - or a 'quarter'. Further, it was an old 'trading' measure. One quarter of a 'barrel'. A 'barrel', during the old, sailing ship technology, trading days, had a specific 'size'. Which, basically, every 'honest' "trader" agreed upon.

Um, from what i can gather from eclectic reading .. the Hanseatic league of Traders would be horrified by the "dishonesty" of 'traders' .. today.

Hoooo boy, cat among pigeons, What, today - defines "honesty"?


Davoh said...

or .. to put it simply - which comes first. Honesty, or trust?

Davoh said...

or, can someone explain the meaning of "honour"? .. or why the yanks have taken the 'you' out of that word????

Vest said...

My info on Firkins was not extracted from google but from what marbles are still functioning within my noddle since storing them during my infantcy at school.

BTW, How do you stow a Barrel?

No googling for answer.

Davoh said...

Um, Vest ... not having the privilege of being aboard a "square rigger" ... only a wander around the cellars of winemakers .. guess 'sideways' or 'prone' ... heh.

Vest said...

Last post correction (infancy)

A barrel is correctly stowed "Bung up and Bilge free"

Davoh said...

Um, Vest, this blog was never set up as the ultimate arbiter of "correct" spelling (is there such a thing as "correct"?). Self frequently forgets to "fine tune" what i write (often due to 'motor co-ordination' between eye, fingers and keyboard).

It's fun, though, to 'play with' spellings and comprehension thereof.