Monday, March 26, 2012


um, while am pottering around on the 'interwebs' .. and considering the rather astonishing (but not unexpected) 'demolition' of the 'people's' political faction in Queensland (?)..
have to direct my one or two readers to this rather interesting , um, comment about British politics ..


Davoh said...

um, only personal opinion - but it is, or has become obvious to me, that there has been a long, sustained, campaign by, um, the "murdoch controlled" media to 'influence opinion' here in Australia.

So, have to ask myself a basic question. Would i prefer to have Tony Abbott move into my house hold and have him 'in command'?

Er, no. If Julia Gillard moved in, she would be most welcome.

Am, however, in the 'minority', apparently.

Vest said...

Of your two pollies mentioned, the male is a believer in hard line eccleslastical pre stone age fairy stories, hardly someone likely to expound the truth.
Your female in the main totally the opposite biblically, has few social morals, a great speaker yes, but delivers the wrong medicine; the laxative carbon tax.

BBC said...

They just call it politics, it's actually folitics.

Davoh said...

Vest .. heh. Would actually be interesting if the was a "tax" on carbon - be bit like legislating a "tax" on oxygen- or hydrogen.

Am debating with self whether i should become a "self indulgent" billionaire and set up three "teams".

"Carbon" vs "Oxygen" vs "Hydrogen".

May the best team win.

Anonymous said...

The barman asked Cyril and Desmond "what's your fancy darlings".
"Two Gins please" say's Cyril.
"Hydrogen or Oxygin" asks the barman.
"Ok clever dick we'll have Two Turds instead" say's Desmond.
"What kind of turds asked the barman".
Cyril replies, "There are three kinds of turds, Musturd, Custurd and you, you Big Shit".

Davoh said...

Anony mouse [heh] ... nice try, but the vagaries of the polyglot English language (and propensity for puns) is capable of better than that..

Next .....