Monday, March 26, 2012


(as distinct from e-quality, separate notion - but also brings to mind a book by the bloke who wrote "Zen, and the art of motorcycle maintenance" - Leila - where he explores the idea, the notion behind the word, "quality").

Has always fascinated me that females call, sometimes demand, 'equality' with males.

Sorry to disappoint but, unless there is some sort of futuristic genetic quirk - where all mammals (yes, am deliberately excluding a vast area of life-forms) - become "hermaphodite" .. where males acquire wombs and vaginas, and females acquire testicles and penises as well as whatever they happen to be born with ----  it will not happen.


Gerry said...

So, my disingenuous, curmudgeonly friend, you would deny women equal pay for equal work?

Or equal rights in law?

Are you really so mindbogglingy daft as to think their quest for equality is at the physiological level?

Phuquing grrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

Davoh said...

Um, Gerry ... several questions to answer ...

So, cutting very long explanations short -
2,/ No

Davoh said...

grrrRowf ....Grrr.

Davoh said...

.. odd really .. why has no person of the female gender responded?????