Wednesday, March 07, 2012

cats and mouses

Ok, i DO get to read the 'comments' on this blog - whether or not am able to access the 'dashboard' - and respond in that box.

Have to say that the "quality" of comments has deteriorated somewhat.

So, let me say that the anony "mouse" is not me.  While yes, have used the "anonymous" option when have lost my password to this blog (or changed and forgotten it) but will always 'identify' myself - either Davo or Davoh - as the author.

It seems to be rather pathetic that some wimpy people seem to feel the need to make disparaging comments about other people - and use this blog's comment box as a vehicle. Very sad state of affairs (on the other hand, Gerry hasn't fought back in full fury response in the comment section of this blog .. yet).

It seems to me that those who use gutter and sewage attitudes are not worth the bother, I won't delete it ... just let it stand or fall by its own worth.

What annoys me, specifically, is that the author has not the courage, guts, to claim it - and identify him/herself.

So, having said that - I have, personally, met Gerry - several times. He is not 'afraid' of personal contact - and, from my point of view, he is held in higher esteem than some twit who makes 'comments' "anonymously".

[and while am 'at it', for information .. have also met, personally, in real life Link; at "Bless the Weather" - but, as far as am aware, these are the only two from the "blogosphere" that am aware of as "real human beings"].


BBC said...

I don't allow anonymous comments on my blogs, if you have something to say I have the right to know who you are.

Not that that always helps, lots of these monkeys make fake profiles and lives.

Gerry said...

I do allow anonymous comments, but if I think the comment is off-topic or just plain abuse, then it never sees the light of day.

If you publish the monkeys' comments, it only rewards their behaviour and hence you'll bet more of it.

Vest said...

It is so sad when ornery people access one's blog, I cop it all the time, but mainly from unclesamland and possibly local Pom Haters.