Saturday, December 10, 2011

lore, or law

? ????
(work in progress)
what is the definition of 'elder':
'language' is a tricky notion.
What happens when the only 'language'
is 'spoken', performed
not seen, has been
- not written.

i see some words
try to wrap an understanding
but  unwilling tongue
warigui, warugiri, warijui

Should i try to wrap my unlettered  tongue
around Mais oi.. Bonjour monsuer
Guten tag. morgen, or arben?
Ohoy gozamos, or kanitchiwa?

Gidday mate, or bugger orf


Vest said...

Gud ettermiddag, Ya.

Davoh said...

Hope that you , and descendants, also, have an enjoyable Festive Season; Vestie ;-D

BBC said...

Billy B ... mm, haven't checked out your site(s) for while ; but guess that you've got a boat (or flotation device) there, somewhere.

I have three boats but they are just for my enjoyment, at my elevation of 800 feet it's not likely I'll need one of them in case of a land slip.

Davoh said...

mmm,that's nice to hear, Billy B - no nuclear (safe) power plants near you ?

BBC said...

No nuclear plant on the west side of the state I'm in, there is one on the east side but the wind always blows from the west to the east here so it's not a worry to me.

Davoh said...

east? west? north? south? depends, methinks on small minded. locality specific - opinions ... heh.

BBC said...

As for your earthquake link, it is sort of valid. And if a big one hits here I'm in a area where there will be little damage to my property and I'm prepared to live six months without help.

Everyone else may be in deep shit but I won't be. I was in the great quake in Alaska in 64, I know how all that shit works.

Davoh said...

mm, Billy B, have at some point, read your writings and yep... nice choice. There are, of course, quite a few of the populations - especially in some of the 'drier' parts of Australia - "squeal" loudly, when 'water allocations' are cut.

"Oh, we must grow our rice/cotton - civilisation will DIE".

Am, of course not going into the intricacies of the Murray/Darling water courses and systems but yep ..
they ARE one of the few water systems flowing into inland Australia. Still can't figure out why that system is so abused ...

petty politics, or personal greed, i guess. ....

Davoh said...

However east/west?

Davoh said...

Dunno about you Billy B, but if a fractured nuclear facility admits to, um, "leaking" about 45 ton of radioactive water into the North pacific ocean, might get a bit concerned. Who knows, 'genetically' modified fish might grow legs .... crawl up your coastline, eat yer children ... heh. ,

BBC said...

What the fuck difference does any of it make? The next disaster is in the future, tomorrow, next week, next month.

The human experiment is fucked so just get by and enjoy yourself the best you can.

Anonymous said...

Billy B the earth turns, the moon remains. the sun continues to be the source of energy.

Billy B; I can only wish you joy wherever you may reside.