Sunday, December 04, 2011

If all else fails

Yer, took the truck fer a bittuva wander. Yep, in the driest continent - am discovering water sources..


Anne Johnson said...

When I come to see you, will you please show me all these beautiful places?

BBC said...

To damn much water here but it's better than not having enough.

As for a landslip here, due to my location it won't be much of a problem for me, just something interesting to break up the boredom.

Jayne said...

Great photo :)

Davoh said...

Anne .. whaddya mean "when"? "If" you come this side of the equator .. yep, many beautiful, intriguing, 'out of the way' places in this locality. You'd be most welcome.

Billy B ... mm, haven't checked out your site(s) for while ; but guess that you've got a boat (or flotation device) there, somewhere.

Thanx Jayne, sometimes i try ... heh.

The restoration of the 'truck' is continuing. Have garnered many suggestions as to how to get it "officially" officially re-registered to 'legally' travel on NSW roads (and backtracks). Might yet take a week or two .. but will happen (mm, who can i bribe?) - nah, joking .. but NSW seems to be a State where 'bribes' are 'not so carefully' managed .. heh, heh, heh heh.
(am from the State of South Australia - where everything is strictly 'legal'. (another 'heh').

Vest said...

Anything catchable in the billabong?

Davoh said...

Vestie .. dunno yet, have been asking around ... and it's not a billabong - just a forgotten dam.

There are a few "forgotten" water sources around in the local vicinity. Had a chat with one of the locals who was born, and grew up here.

Not this specific locality .. but, paraphrasing - he said "yer, we tried, fished it, then put as whole heap of fingerings in. Ya know wot? Some of the arseholes from Sydney came an' netted it. "

Longish story, i guess.

Davoh said...

"Took the lot, never put anything back".

mmmm, am still thinking ...

Davoh said...

Um, sort of reminds me of when was moored in the Brisbane River, Watched some at the ferry terminal.

OY YOU! .. 'undersise' females are not fair game ... put 'em back .